Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ahhh refreshed!

Ahhh…. 4 hours of sleep STRAIGHT! Thank you Grandma for coming and watching Lilli while I got a GREAT nap. I even slept through our home nurse’s visit and she had some wonderful news… Lilli weighs 16 pounds! She has been eating wonderfully the last few days and thank god it’s finally starting to “pay off” with some weight gain.

Lilli and I may go up to the cabin this weekend to visit Great Grandma and Grandpa, my aunt, uncle, cousins and their kiddos! Most of them have not seen us after Thanksgiving. At Target today I got Lilli a really cute swimsuit… I’m being optimistic for the weather :)

Overall Lilli is doing just plain AMAZING! She is happy, talkative, moving like crazy, and is testing her limits like a normal 14 month old. All day long I hear “bob, baba, bob”… I think it’s her imaginary friend.

Thanks for all the love and prayers as always!