Wednesday, January 26, 2011

In the mood to write (and surprisingly gave myself the time to do so)

With Lilliana doing so well updating the blog has taken a major “step back” on my list of things to do. I’m so thankful I haven’t needed to keep you all afloat with medical drama… but I have greatly missed sitting down and writing. I’m hoping to have” Learning From Faith” become more of a narrative of our everyday life, the struggles of raising a child with a severe CHD, and the miracles that I get to witness everyday thru my little Lilliana!

So let’s start with something “normal” in our life right now…. Organizing the overwhelming amount of toys we have accumulated over the past 2 yrs (along with ALL of “H”’s toys). Side note- “H” is my boyfriend’s 8 yr old daughter. Lilli has decided that she is so over “toddler toys” and wants to play Barbie, dress up, house, cooking….

We have a playroom in the basement which is just a mismatched, plastic, stuffed animal disaster! See for yourself….

An after picture will hopefully surface soon :) I love to organize but I’m an all or nothing sort of person so if I can’t go “all out” I have a hard time jumping in.

Wish me luck.

On another note.... this was our view this am in our backyard (as it is almost every day and night)! How beautiful and lucky are we?

Faithfull Mama