Thursday, March 24, 2011

Amazing Lilli

"listening to H's I-pod"
Lilli has just been blowing me away with her intelligence! Of course I’m mom and just a bit biased but WOW this kiddo blows me away. I don’t really know what’s “normal” for a 2 year old but this is what I’m talking about….
- She can sing the ABC’s (including next time won’t you sing with (high pitched) me!)

- She can count up to 16 then skips to 18, 19,20

- She knows most every color including peach, grey…

- She tells me when she has a dirty diaper (yes, time to potty train)

- She can sing “do, rhe, me, fa, so, la, ti, doe”, hickory, dickory, dock, ring around the rosie….

- She says “please, thank you” and the MELTER “I love you”

But most amazing of all…. Lilli is happy, growing, and as HEALTHY as any two year old! Yes, there are still issues going on inside of that tiny little body but you honestly would NEVER know it.