Friday, March 11, 2011

Doctor Update

This Wednesday we had an appointment with a Pulmonologist down at the U of M to follow-up with her lung/breathing/plastic bronchitis issues. They are AMAZED at how well she is doing! Her O2 was 88%, that’s darn near perfect for her. She still has bouts of wheezing/rattling in her chest but she clears it on her own and it doesn’t seem to affect her too much. We do her vest and nebulizer treatments once a day and that has seemed to keep things from progressing. Her chest X-ray still showed a not so perfect left lung.

It’s hard… on one hand I’m in total denial that at any moment we may be in an emergency situation with an obstructed airway (caused by the plastic bronchitis). I guess it’s good that I don’t live in constant fear of what “could be” while at the same time semi -prepared for it.

Bottom line… Lilliana is WONDERFUL and I’m so THANKFUL she is doing so well!