Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Yikes.... an update FINALLY

My o my…. It’s been WAY to long! But as history shows the lack of updates usually means Lilliana is doing wonderfully, and thank God that has been the case. 

Lilliana is enjoying her ECFE classes (1 ½ hrs one day a week) and just can’t get enough of “school”.  It’s adorable to watch her singing all the songs, participating, and “showing off” her intelligence. The last 30 minutes are without the parents and it the only experience she has had alone (without me, dad, or maaka). She is so grown up and I can’t believe that she will be THREE in about 4 months. Her teacher said she is very ready for preschool J

We have been busy and I love every second of “normal” life (aka not being stuck in a Hospital). I can go days without worrying about her heart and that’s unreal to me!

Thank you all for your continued prayers, she defines the word miracle every day!

Gosh, I love this girl!