Monday, January 30, 2012

someone SPECIAL is turning 3....

I can hardly believe Lilliana’s 3rd Birthday is only 5 days away! What an amazingly wonderful year it has been…. NO HOSPITAL STAYS would certainly be at the top of the list! Lilli is thriving, growing, and learning more and more every day.

I can’t even believe the words that come out of that little angels mouth at times here are a few of my recent favorites:
- “momma I have a headache in my tummy”
-“thank you lord for this food, aaaammmmeeeennnn”
-When I said I have a song in my head her response was PURE concern “how did it get in there”
-“momma, how did I get in your tummy?” (Uh O, already?... I answered “God said poof and you were there” J

The most amazing thing to me is how SMART she is! She remembers EVERYTHING, if she hears a word once she knows it. She is really into music and can totally carry a tune.  I just have to share this adorable video so you see my point (FYI- this was her FIRST time ever touching a guitar and totally did this on her own, 1st try).

The tradition I started of doing a yearly slideshow for Lilliana’s birthday will continue and I hope to post “the 3rd year” shortly.