Thursday, January 17, 2013

20 Day's till Boston...

Yikes, I looked at the calendar {and counted} and it's only 20 days until we leave for Boston! To say I have mixed emotions is a MAJOR understatement. I have feelings ranging from pure fear to excitement of getting over this major medical hurdle with Lilliana. I'm not sure where to let my emotions "rest".

The benefit is only 3 days away as well! Although I truly have not had to lift a finger with the planning {thank you to all the planners out there, especially Mary Pat!} I am getting nervous. It's so hard to accept help, it's hard to feel comfortable with all of this overwhelming generosity. But God is right here with me saying "this is ME, I God am giving you the help you have prayed for" and I try to take comfort in that.

Thank you all so much who have already made a donation {financially, with time, with support} it's beyond impossible to tell you how much this means!

For those of you wanted to make a donation please see the small link on the top right of the blog (below the header).