Thursday, February 21, 2013

Getting DISCHARGED today!

Unreal! I can not even believe it but we are getting discharged TODAY! Lilliana is doing wonderfully. She is entirely OFF of oxygen and is staying above 80%... has even hit 90% a few times (we haven't seen that in a LONG time). As her body adjusts to the "fontan" flow her oxygen saturation's should continue to improve even to mid 90's!

Words can not even begin to express the amazing surgical and cardiology team that Boston Children's has... we will be FOREVER grateful. I am holding back tears right now because miss Lilliana has "made it" though the 3 stage repair! I know her life will be forever be impacted by her heart and will continue to need medical intervention BUT if all goes as planned this may be her last surgery for a VERY LONG TIME... maybe even into her 20's!!!!

We will stay in Boston for about a week. We will have a follow up appointment with her cardiologist and an X-ray to check her lungs again (which as of now look better than I've ever seen).

God is good!