Monday, February 11, 2013

Lilliana is in the OR

Please pray! Lilliana is in surgery now. She did ok with the process... especially considering all that she has been though in the last couple of days and that I know she "knows" what was happening :( She let me carry her back to the OR but when it was time for the "gas" she was crying and putting her head into my chest saying "mommy no".

She is such an amazing and beautiful little girl. I'm so beyond afraid of what is to come... worse than I think I've EVER been!

"God please cover Lilliana with white light. Let her play with the angels who are there with her during this long surgery. Do not let her be afraid, worried, hurt, or in pain in ANY way. Please help me not feel alone, please comfort me and give me the strength I will need for this long process. Please use Dr del Nido's hands to fulfill your work through Lilliana "

She should be in the OR for about 5 hours. It's hard to know how difficult it will be to "un-zip" her zipper. She will be on bypass and will stay intabated for probably 2 days.

Good news is Denis is going to change his flight and stay for another week... so there is hope she will let me go to the bathroom for 10 seconds during recovery :)