Monday, February 11, 2013

Rock Star!

Spoke with the surgeon and Lilli did FANTASTIC! Had very little blood loss, and needed very little heart medication, and came off bypass great. He did a few things that weren't "expected" as well... but would have caused an issues down the road so really glad they are done now.
1) performed the Fontan
2) moved the connection of her Pulmonary Vein (as it was getting compressed on the back side of her heart).
3) used tissue to "connect" a part of a large vein that is "re-fluxing" (should be a permanent fix and grow with her) which was the reason she was on blood pressure medication
4) Repaired another connection (the vein that the stint was in from long ago) and essentially severed the provide a better flow.

She had a very decreased blood flow to her left lung and that should be dramatically improved now. One catch is that we more than likely will need to do another heart cath to coil more collateral veins before with leave Boston in order to optimize her Fontan and her oxygen saturation.

She will be totally "out of it" today to let her body rest. She is "closed" up which is a very good sign.

We have a long road ahead of us, but I'm very hopeful!