Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Thank you Dr del Nido!

Today was a very rough day for miss Lilliana. She had so much fluid in her lungs that they had to place another chest tube and put her on bi-pap (step before breathing tube). She spent her day breathing so fast and (I thought) restricted by the bi-pap machine... it was like it was forcing her to breath in a pattern that wasn't comfortable and was almost causing her to hyperventilate. To be fair this machine was also opening up her lungs again while loosing pressure from the fluid draining.

It was looking more and more like re-intabation with going to happen.

WELL, Dr. del Nido walked into our room and instantly saw what I was feeling and said "call respiratory and get this off of her"! MAGIC... within minutes she was breathing AMAZING with just high-flow O2. She was sat-ing in the 70's on bi-pap NOW it's about 85% :)

He said this fluid will take time and the chest tubes will likely be in for quite awhile.... we sure don't care as long as she keeps breathing this wonderfully.