Thursday, June 6, 2013

Finally in the Cath Lab

My sweet little angel had to wait an extra four hours for her heart cath.... which meant nothing to eat or drink after midnight last night (when she could of ate till 4!) She did so well and thankfully I was able to distract or comfort her. She totally knew what was going on and one time when we went into the bathroom she started having tears run down her cheek and asked "are they going to do something to my zipper (Open heart scar)".   She is the strongest human being I have ever known... and I guess the fact that I haven't melted into a pool of tears yet makes me a little strong too. 

This is going to be a very long night... she will be in the cath lab until at least 6pm, then 2 hours in the recovery  room, then at least an overnight on the floor is the "plan". No one really knows what the issue is or how she will handle things so it's hard to know. 

Just to clarify Denis is not here (I keep saying "we")... my dad drove us here. 

Prayers for an AMAZING, quick fix and a super speedy recovery! I'm not looking forward to the aftermath of anesthesia and I can't wait to just have my sweet little Lilli back and better than ever!