Wednesday, November 6, 2013


First of all my jaw hurts from smiling so much! We just had a lovely visit from two ladies who represent the Make A Wish Foundation!!!! They were two of the sweetest people I've ever meet. They came with TOY STORY cupcakes and a bag of goodies for miss Lilliana including a tiara, magic wand, princess play dough, animal coloring books, and little puppy toy (that looks just like our doggies) and a Buzz Lightyear costume!! EXACTLY what Lilliana would DREAM TO HAVE :)

I'm just over the moon. They came to hear Lilliana's wish(s).... which include
1) Sleeping in Cinderella's Castle
2) Meeting all the Toy Story Friends
3) Meeting all the Princesses

So all signs point to Disney World!

I am so overwhelmed that this may be coming true for Lilli. With all she has been through in her life it's astonishing to me that she might go to have such an amazing life experience!

Prayers that the amazing team at Make a Wish can pull it all together for Lilliana!