Thursday, May 6, 2010


Thank you GOD for Health insurance! We just received the explanation of benefits in regards to Lilli’s 2+ month Hospital stay…. For just the “room charges” alone it would have been $617,655.84 without insurance!!!! I just totaled up all the explanation of benefits we have received so far this year with a grand total of $652,664.83 WOW… Lilli is already a MILLION DOLLAR BABY at this point! Well I think she’s priceless anyways. Someday when Lilli wants something "pricy" I'll have to remind her of all this.

We are so beyond thankful that we have good health insurance I have no clue how anyone can “make it” without it. It so hard because I know a lot of people think that government aid is for “slackers, deadbeats, lazy people…” but honestly how could ANYBODY afford this alone? What if you were self employed or worked for a company with bad insurance? We made no poor decision in our pregnancy and I know MILLIONS of other parents who are in the same boat. How is it fair that they should end up broke along with all the stress, fear, and anxiety with all their poor child has to endure? I still get both sides of the table but that is just my little comment :) But let me also say that I think the Doctors, Hospital, nurses deserve every penny of it as they saved my babies life (lots of times)!

Lilli is doing AMAZING! She is crawling around like crazy and has finally realized that if she wants something she can just crawl to get it. She has started eating much better too… she can even take up to 4 oz of milk at a time (she hasn’t done that in over 4-5 months). She eating solids great too and I can’t wait to see how much she weighs!

Thank you for all of your prayers Lilli truly is a little miracle.