Monday, May 10, 2010

Mommy "ME" weekend

What a nice “me time” weekend I had. Friday night I went to a woman’s retreat with my best bud, her mom, and her sister in law at her church and had a great time. Then I had a slumber party (at my friends) and slept the WHOLE night through (THANK YOU Andrea!) Saturday I got to go to my friends Graduation party and Sunday my mom and I had a nice day of shopping…. Lilli now has a new spring/summer wardrobe thanks to the Carters outlet store!

That’s more “me time” than I’ve had in a year all in one weekend and it was a nice mother day gift to have “normal time”. Lilli got me a cute card and some yummy Ghiradelli chocolate too (she knows me well).

Hope all you mommies out there had wonderful days too!

Lilli is doing GREAT and this morning attempted to crawl up the stairs for the 1st time.... o no here we go :)