Friday, June 18, 2010

An update.... finally

Wow sorry it’s been awhile. But that usually is a GOOD sign that Lilli is doing well and YES she is :) We had a pediatrician appointment last week and Lilli is now a whopping 17lbs and is finally getting back on the “charts” even if it’s only the 3% for weight. At least her big ol’brain is in the 50%!

Lilli is crawling all over and can get up and down on anything… but still no walking (without hands to hold). O well, we will get there. We are still working on sleeping…. Mommy is finally “hitting the fan” after 16 months with only a few “full nights” of sleep. Lilli is still waking up 4-5 times a night. Lilli is attempting to talk like crazy and I can understand a few of them Ma is grandma, Pa is grandpa….

We have a cardiologist appointment July 7th with an echo and I’m a little nervous (as always) but Lilli is just doing so well (on the outside) that I would be a little shocked if anything was going on.

Thanks for all your prayers. Happy Fathers day to all you dad's out there!