Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Angel Lorin

My heart hurts so badly today as we heard news that Lilli’s heart buddy Lorin has passed away. Lorin was only 4 months older than Lilli and had a very similar diagnosis (heterotaxy, no spleen, and very similar heart issues). Although Lorin was a lucky and was able to have a 2 ventricle repair… Lilli will only ever have a single ventricle (much worse for long term)!

I cannot even image the pain her family is going through! Lorin was doing so well and this past weekend started breathing heavy and passed away so quickly and without “warning”. It’s my worst nightmare!

God please be with them. Give them strength and faith that only good will come out of the whole situation. We will miss you so much sweet little Lorin but I feel blessed that Lilli has another heart angel up in heaven looking down on her.

All of this news came after a night of “low O2” for Lilli. All night long her monitor kept beeping… it’s been fine all day today so I have no clue what is going on. Thank God we have our cardiologist appointment with an echo tomorrow to hopefully calm my fears.

Please keep Lorin’s family in your prayers! They love her so much and were AMAZING parents and friends to me!
Sweet Little Lorin!