Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Good appointment!

Lilli is doing great! The cardiologist appointment went wonderfully and (from what they could see) the echo looked ok. It’s so hard not to get overly optimistic when you have a good cardiology appointment… because in reality Lilli would most likely be categorized in “heart failure” with any “normal” doctor or compared to any healthy person. But what matters is that she is HAPPY and moving around like crazy! She now walks holding on to one hand side by side and has (unknowingly) taken a few steps on her own. She can get where ever she wants and I’m sure she will be walking any day now :)

Words cannot even describe how much I love my sweet little Lilliana! Every single day she proves to me how strong I can be… and that with Faith EVERYTHING and ANYTHING is possible.

Thanks so much for all your prayers as always.

Washing the car with daddy......