Friday, July 16, 2010

In the Hospital...

Well let’s see where to start.... Lilli has been breathing heavier and heavier ever sense our cardiology appointment and last night started a horrible cough! So this morning we headed straight into the U of M ER as I knew we would “end up” there anyways. A chest X-ray showed some fluid in her right upper lung and they were thinking she most likely had an infection in her lungs. As the day progressed more and more signs started pointing to a possible issue with her pulmonary veins! Recap- this would be the BIG BAD issues we have been praying would NOT HAPPEN! So for now we are just chilling in on 5A and waiting to see what the next day or so bring. Lilli is overall quite happy and doing well but is now requiring “blow by” O2 to stay above 65%.

Please God give me strength to know what to do… we do not want to put our sweet little girl through all of this again, and again, and again….! Please let this be “just” an infection!!!!