Saturday, August 21, 2010

Overdue update on life

Wow… lots has been going on sorry for the lack of an update we have not had internet access. First as many of you know already (just didn’t think it appropriate to put it on the blog till now) Denis and I are separated. Lilli and I moved into an adorable house in Long Lake a few weeks ago and we love it and our new neighbors (my bosses family and my “job” are two doors down)!!!!

We are blessed bottom line! There are so many things in my life that I could be angry about but I’m choosing to look at them all at blessings that are getting me one step closer to the life God had indented for me and my sweet little angel! Denis and I are working through the divorce process and attempting to make all the right choices for Lilli and that is all that matters.

Lilliana has had a few ups and downs. We had a pulmonologist appointment two weeks ago Tuesday and her X-ray was not looking so hot… so he went up on her vest treatments to 3 times a day as well as another dose of diuretics. The following Tuesday I had a bad feeling something was going on so we headed into the ER. She was having grunty breathing and lower sats…. as soon as we got there she was totally fine. They were a little worried and wanted to schedule a heart cath ASAP as the cardiologist heard a new heart murmur!

BUT as always with little miracle Lilli she has been doing AMAZING the last few days so they are holding off on rushing the cath and letting her “go”. They think that she is developing small “casts” from the plastic bronchitis but is able to clear them on her own thus the “coming and going” of symptoms.

Please pray for our sweet little buddy Amayah she is at home enjoying her final days with her amazing family.