Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Birthday Coming Up!!

Hello everyone! Wow my posts have been way too far and between…. but it’s always a great sign that Lilli is doing amazing and we have been Hospital free.

As Lilli’s second Birthday is approaching I’m starting to reminisce about this past year. If I’m honest with myself the place we are at now seemed impossible from the perspective of her 1st birthday (hospitalized for over a month, on the vent, not doing well at all). I know more than anything that Lilli’s goal here on earth is to teach…. teach how to trust, hope, have faith, be persistent, optimistic, thankful for our blessings, never to put limits on anyone or anything, and most of all the amazing power of love and prayer!! I’m the luckiest mommy in the world to have been blessed with a child with such power.

In “family news” Denis and I are officially divorced. It has been a long, complicated, and painful process but I’m thankful that it’s done and we can “officially” move on with our lives. Lilli is our #1 priority and she has totally adjusted to the whole situation.

Lilli and I are living with my boyfriend, his 8 yr old daughter, and black lab Peanut (all of whom Lilli LOVES!). I’m so happy and feel like my life is exactly where it should be.