Thursday, April 28, 2011


UGGG Lilli has starting coughing! She has been a little extra “grunty” for a few days, but last night the cough started… which TOTALLY FREAKS mommy out. I checked her oxygen today and she was crying cus she didn’t want to put it on (guess she has gotten used to “normal” life) and it was 67%! It went up to 80-82% when she was calm, but still a bit low for her.

I called the U of MN and they said to watch her like a hawk, do her vest three times a day, and get into the ER if I think anything is going on. She did cough right after I took off the monitor (of course) and her lips got a little blue :(

I think for now there is a really good chance she can “clear it” on her own…. But I’m rushing down there if I think for a second she can’t. With the last “cast” she was coughing like crazy for a day or so before it came out.

She is such a precious little angel and those eyes of hers just melt me. Please pray that this is nothing and we can stay home and have a fun family weekend!
"doll-ing up"