Friday, April 29, 2011

ER visit

After a stressful naptime yesterday (me listening to the cranked up monitor for any sign of coughing, choking, gagging…) I decided it was best to go in and have Lilli looked at. The little trooper did so well and only freaked out for a bit with putting on the O2 sensor and during her X-ray.

Her O2 was a bit low for her “current normal” at 72-78% so I knew something was up. The X-ray looked great (for her) but did show a small amount of something in her lower left lung. It could be pneumonia, an infection, or the start of something up with her heart/bronchitis. BUT we got to go HOME, which is always great news. She is now on a high dose of antibiotics and a steroid for 5 days.

Let’s hope it’s just a little “bug” and it’s outta there ASAP!