Monday, May 23, 2011

About time for an update... I know, I know

O my… I can’t believe I haven’t even written in the month of May and it’s almost over already!

I’m sitting outside on our bedroom patio overlooking the amazing view of tall trees, listening to the sounds of nature, drinking a warm cup of tea, knowing my sweet little Lilli is sleeping like an angel in the next room, and wondering how in the world my life got here! All I can say is “God is good” and that I can’t thank him enough for putting me on THIS journey.

Lilli had been doing great. It appears like her last ER visit was prompted by just a little bug… and the antibiotics and steroids did their job. She has been a little breathier lately and Daddy noticed she has been getting sweaty early into her sleep. She’s just got to keep us on our toes.

We went to H’s baseball practice tonight and Lilli had her first “dirty two year old experience”. She was playing with her ball and thought it would be hilarious to throw it down the hill and run when I tried to catch her.... well with all the rain there has been there was a nice big puddle at the bottom and she fell right it! It actually was quite cute and I had to stop myself from laughing hysterically. Good thing she can still pull off a onsie because that was the only thing that stayed dry (somehow).

Seeing her in a normal environment being a normal kid is just astonishing! With all she has been through its just a miracle.

Please keep my uncle Jerry in your prayers as he is struggling with cancer and the complications that have resulted.