Thursday, January 26, 2012

Congenital Heart AWARNESS week Feb 7-12

Lilliana Faith was diagnosed prenatally at 5 months along with a congenital heart defect similar to Hyperplastic Left Heart Syndrome and Heterotaxy syndrome (her heart is on the right side of her chest, she does not have a spleen and other organs are misplaced).  She has gracefully undergone 3 open heart surgeries (two of which were emergency surgeries), over 7 heart caths, has had multiple chest tubes, a diaphragm placation, and developed a lifelong condition known as plastic bronchitis.  She faces much more medical intervention in her future. Lilliana is an amazingly wonderful nearly 3 year old angel! She proves what FAITH can do.

Although the medical community is VERY unclear of what causes such heart defects, awareness must be raised. CHD’s kill more children than all the childhood cancers COMBINED each year. More research and funding are essential to save these little angels.

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