Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Penguins for the 3 year old

Lilliana had the most amazing and quite little birthday celebration. I wanted to keep things small and simple after the crazy spoiled Christmas overload. Lilli decided she wanted a penguin theme so mommy had to get a little creative....

Thankfully I found some Happy Feet valentines that I could cut up and assemble into a banner.

and some cute wind-up penguins made for an adorable cake topper. (Note- the cake is supposed to be snow.... if you can't tell LOL)

And of course no penguin theme could be complete without some fish... 3 for the 3 year old. One has already been "eaten" by the penguin sharing the bowl (oooopppps)

What an amazing little girl! I feel so blessed to have celebrated this wonderful milestone. Thank you for all of your Birthday wishes, cards, and gifts.... she is one lucky gal to have all your love and prayers!