Tuesday, January 29, 2013

8 DAYS...

Can you even believe we leave for Boston in eight days? Lilliana will be having a heart cath and MRI in 10 Days and her {4th} OPEN HEART SURGERY in 13 days! Unreal.

Lilliana is doing wonderfully. She is so excited about taking the airplane that she just giggles every time we talk about it. She knows she is going to met a new amazing doctor and she has heard me say surgery to others and I think she "knows" what is going on. I have "braced" her that on the airplane she will have to wear an oxygen cannula (told her it's something all kids do on airplanes and you have to have it on to ride.... little white lie right?).  The one thing I know she is not looking forward to is her EKG on the 7th... she despises taking those super sticky stickers off.

I'm an emotional wreck half the time and the other half I'm calm and "prepared". I know deep within my heart this is our journey and this is a step that needs to be taken. If all goes well this should be Lilliana's last open heart surgery for a VERY VERY long time.

I know we are going to the right place, and I have a peace that no matter what happens we have done the BEST for her!

Thank you for keeping us in our prayers!