Thursday, February 7, 2013

BUSY day!

What a LONG day! We left the "house" at 6:45 and didn't return until 5 pm. Lilli had an EKG, echo, blood draw, x-ray, and met several doctors. Overall considering the horrible day for her she did quite well. Her pulmonologist apt was very rough and I'm not so sure I'm a fan of his patient interaction.

She is now REALLY not looking forward to our even bigger day tomorrow with her MRI and heart cath :( at least she will be asleep for lots of it.

I'm exhausted and can not wait to go to bed. This age already seems far harder to "deal with" in a medical situation.

Prayers for an AMAZING day tomorrow. They will be doing a procedure tomorrow in the Cath lab called "coiling" and they will essentially put metal coils into "extra" veins and vessels that she has grown.

Thank you for your prayers.... I'll try to get better at updating during it all tomorrow.

Here at some pic's of our trip here...

The "house"