Friday, February 8, 2013

Already back for her MRI and Heart Cath

Wow! That was the most efficient and smooth sedation I've ever seen. She was already sleeping about 10 minutes after we walked in. The nurses and were great and although Lilli started her morning with "I don't want to go" as soon as we got into the Hospital she did GREAT! She was talking to the Dr about cotton candy while she "fell asleep".

Prayers for a SUPER smooth MRI. The last time she had one she almost died {literally}! We met the actual MRI tech and he said there machine has an internal body thermometer (the most don't have) and they will watch her temperature VERY closely.

After the MRI the Cath lab is right next door. In the cath they will be checking her pressures and coiling her "extra" veins.

She is such a little angel and I KNOW with all my heart every angel up on heaven is in that room with her!