Friday, February 8, 2013

Still in Cath lab

Lilliana is still back in the cath lab. They said after they checked all of her pressures and reviewed the images from her MRI/Cath they consulted with Dr Del Nido (who will perform Lilli's open heart surgery) on which veins to coil. She has been intabated over 5 hours now and I'm guessing we will be admitted tonight.... which is fine with me and I would actually feel better with that.

I miss her so much and cant wait to see her (although seeing her after a procedure is the worst).

Thank you for all of your prayers. There may be a distance between updates as when we can see her we will be busy. It's snowing here, but not one flake is even sticking to the ground yet.... hoping these East Coasters are just "dramatic" when it comes to snow.... but sounds like it will be quite a storm.