Friday, February 8, 2013

This is harder than I remember

Sorry for the suspense... Lilli had a hard time coming out of all the anesthesia and has been in a REALLY bad mood. She did very well during the MRI and Cath it was just the waking up part that was miserable for her. She was just inconsolable at times and was wiggling around like crazy... she just wanted everything out and off of her (IV, band aids, stickers, monitors, etc).

I have to say this age is WAY harder for mommy than when she was a year or less. Now she can say "dont let them hurt me", "why cant we go home", "I don't like this place".... its miserable and I've been close to tears on multiple occasions.

The great news is that Dr. del Nido came and spoke to us about all the data they were able to gather and that he agrees the Fontan should work well for her. She had TONS of collateral veins and they coiled as many as the safely could at one time. He said that they will be doing a fenestrated fontan and will also have to do some work on another artery.

My brain cant think much anymore, so I'll try to update more soon. We are spending the night in the Hospital tonight.