Monday, February 4, 2013

Happy Happy Birthday to Lilliana Faith!

WOW! Today is Lillana's GOLDEN BIRTHDAY. I truly can not believe that my little baby is FOUR. This is a very emotional day for me as I honestly {at times} wasn't sure if Lilliana would get to celebrate her golden birthday here with us. To think about all she has gone though and all the challenges she has had to endured to get to 4... makes me cry.

We started out her day with a bouquet of 4 balloons and a Birthday doughnut :) She {of course} has already opened her gifts and is asking when the cake will be served :) LOL, soooo my girl!

One thing I know for sure is she is a MIRACLE! I can not even express in words how much I love her and how blessed I am to be her mommy.

We leave for Boston on Wednesday {yep, 2 days away}! And my stomach is constantly in a knot. I've been trying to get myself back into "mommy warrior" mode but I feel like at any moment I'm gonna burst into tears.

Lilliana knows that we are going to see a new doctor and will be in the hospital for awhile... this morning she said "when they are all done fixing me in the Hospital then can we go to the zoo?". She doesn't seem scared at all and she is so excited for the airplane ride. I just pray that God continues to keep her strong and brave {as she has always been}!