Saturday, February 16, 2013

Love my girl....

Lilli is doing VERY well. I've been hesitant to update as it seemed like as soon as I wrote something good we would take a turn for the worst. It's hard to believe that two nights ago I was RUNNING back to the hospital because they weren't sure if she would make it and now she is doing so well. Today she kinda walked, had a shower, sat up by herself, ate, drank.... it's AMAZING.

We are not out of the clear yet but it sounds like we should get transferred to the floor tomorrow or Mon. Lilli is still on 1 liter of oxygen but her sats are around 80-83. She is still draining fluid from her lungs and they tested it... and guess what there is khylo in it! UGGGGG That means we are back on a VERY LOW fat diet and praying that it clears up VERY fast so we can pull her chest tube and get home.

I'm aiming to get home in March... anytime in March with a healthy girl!