Thursday, February 14, 2013

What a day

So today was yet another roller coaster... I hardly have the energy to think anymore so I'll give you the short version.

The moment they transferred her into the cath lab all hell broke loose and her sats dropped into the 30's! I got a call from the nurse saying I should be in the waiting room close by "just in case" (enough to make me pass out... but i didnt). They had to put her on nitro oxide to open her blood vessels in order to get her stable enough to perform the cath. Our surgeon was mid-operation and even came in ASAP.

They were able to do a few things in the Cath lab that should all be beneficial but it's just a waiting game to see what happens next and if she is on her way up hill.

They are going to try an extabate her tonight... so it will be a rough one.